Sunday, August 16, 2009


Reducing dependence on foreign supply of oil is clearly the best in the long run a country. Since transportation systems consume the majority of petroleum, clear need to develop energy-efficient transport system and / or to take advantage of the non-alternative-based fuel oil. Transportation system can be made more energy-efficient by reducing the energy needs of the vehicle (for example, lightweight materials, better aerodynamics, etc.) or improve the energy conversion efficiency of resources (for example, repairing internal combustion engine, a mixture system, fuel cell , etc.). Of alternative fuels that are being considered, hydrogen as the ultimate long-term fuel alternatives. However, while hydrogen has several attributes, there are many problems, which may make the scale "Hydrogen economy". In addition, the fuel can be stored as a liquid offers great benefits for transportation applications. Alternative to liquid fuel, in many ways the most promising is Methanol. Almost all production Methanol (and hydrogen production) at this time to use natural gas as feedstock. Natural gas feedstock that is very flexible because it can be used directly as fuel, including fuel transport, and is the feedstock to produce hydrogen and Methanol.

Industrial plant for production of methanol has been built!

The most northern in the world (66th parallel) industrial plant has been built for production of methanol from natural gas which is operated by the classic flowsheet of steam reforming.